Assuan investment Brzil Export Import Ltd was established on December 01, 2000 as a Partnership Firm. On August 30, The Company is engaged in the business of Trading , Export of Commodities and investment. The core export of the Company consists of Agro Based Commodities.


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the growth rate of real income per capita .

for the poorest 50% of Brazilians was 580% higher than that of the richest 10%. More recent studies of CPS show .

continued income gains for Brazil’s poorest citizens even as the opposite trend -increased inequality .

has been occurring in developed countries such as the USA and England and emerging countries such as China and India

Assuan provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world.

Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and nearly 20 years of experience.